What kind of heavy machinery tires are ideal for your machine?

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What are the tires that provide the best performance, safety and comfort for your excavator, caterpillar, loader or dumper? Should you buy them new or can second-hand industrial tires from scrapping be the most appropriate solution?

In order to choose the right type of tire, it is necessary to know for what machine and task they will be used and what is the terrain on which the work will be carried out. Since there are differences between the tires that give the unit greater adaptability for some jobs or others.

Ok, but what are the differences between radial and bias tires? Stay until the end of the blog, find out and get your own opinion on which one you need for your heavy machinery. Let’s get started!

Radial and diagonal tires are the two types of wheels that are used for agricultural or construction machinery. They differ from each other by their internal drawing.

On bias tires the ply threads are at an angle of between 40 and 45 degrees relative to the midplane of the tire. Their advantages are that they favor stability when working on slopes, they can be easily repaired and their purchase price is lower.

In radial machine tires, the ply wires are perpendicular to the median plane of the tire. The canvases have a central layer to reinforce the area. Their main advantages are that they cover a larger contact area, their rolling is better, and they enjoy great durability and resistance. Its acquisition price is higher due to its production process.

Unlike these, there are caterpillar wheels, which are a kind of very wide chain that is linked by links, and has a toothed surface to improve the traction of the vehicle.

In addition, it is flexible and can be longer or shorter depending on the needs of each one. That is, you have the ability to choose four tracked wheels, to cover what would be the four tires at the same time, or two, to join the two on each side in the same tracked wheel.

The advantages of caterpillar wheels are several. They have a greater contact surface of the rubber with the ground, which makes the car that rides them more stable on uneven terrain and has more traction capacity. This type of wheel is very common in slow heavy machinery equipment, since it prevents reaching high speeds. Generally, your top should be around 60 km / h at the most.

And now, that you have already known the difference between tires, let’s see which of them is best adapted according to the type of heavy machinery you have.

Loader tires. Loaders equipped with radial tires experience higher productivity and cost efficiency than those that use bias tires.

Excavator tires. We must differentiate between crawler excavators and pneumatic excavators. Focusing on this second type of excavators, the recommended tires are those of radial construction since they offer greater grip and traction when carrying out the work.

Tires for tippers or dumpers. According to the amount of tons that a tipper or public works truck can reach once loaded, it makes the ideal type of tire to be the radial again, since with these the load capacity is increased thanks to its morphology that supports pressures higher inflation rates.

As an additional fact, in Allparts we are impartial regarding the type of tire you choose. Of course, we have the best for your heavy machinery that will offer you greater durability, superior adherence, less friction in the rolling and greater resistance against perforations or aggressions. If you want to know everything we have to offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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