What do you need to know about Mining Machinery Maintenance?

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Nowadays, achieving the mining objectives it’s necessary that the equipment be in constant maintenance and in optimal conditions, this is an essential activity that generates a great impact on the productive capacity of any mining unit or project in execution, such as failures in mining equipment, they generally hinder the production process and this leads to taking the shortest possible time to repair, with minimal error margins for these tasks.

So, whether you have your own heavy machinery equipment, you’re a parts dealer or even a heavy equipment dealer, this is for you. Let’s pay attention to his indications about all things you need to know about mining machinery maintenance.

It’s a crucial factor to achieve safety and protection provisions for both personnel and the environment. In the following blog we will describe the different activities aimed at maintaining and restoring equipment or machines for their guarantee and proper use.

Most mining companies that are at the top of managing efficient processes in their company apply mostly three techniques.

In the first place, we refer to preventive maintenance, a technique that is used with the purpose of maximizing the times between failures, whose stoppage involves the loss of many hours of work, in which it translates into economic losses for business. This consists in checking and repairing before the breakdown or deterioration of the machine happens.

It’s proven that it’s less expensive to carry out a scheduled stop than an uncertain stop, which happens at the least expected time, and can even cause accidents with irreparable damage such as loss of human life. FThat’s why it’s so important during the planning process for the Operation, Maintenance and Engineering and Purchasing departments to acquire the components, equipment, spare parts and parts to be replaced according to the analysis. Knowing the quality standards of the products to make the investment profitable and extend the useful life of the production machines.

Second, we refer to predictive maintenance. This technique is used specifically to avoid breakdowns and reduce the downtime that they cause. For this, established periodic reviews of each equipment are carried out (daily, weekly, monthly maintenance, etc.) that are adjusted according to the type of operation carried out in the mine. The intervention of this maintenance consists of an inspection and monitoring system of the equipment that is responsible for reporting the current status of the machine and checking if it presents any failure such as heating, vibrations, deficiencies, decrease in quality, among others.

Third, we will talk about corrective maintenance. This technique is used when a breakdown is identified and when machine parts are worn and have reached the end of their useful life.

This maintenance can be immediate corrective that is applied immediately when identifying a fault or defect, with the necessary tools and intended for that purpose. Or deferred corrective maintenance that is carried out when the fault or defect already exists and as a result of this there is a stoppage of the equipment, to repair it with the corresponding designated means.

Each of these techniques are important for proper maintenance of mining machinery and thus help to avoid and reduce failures in these.

It is necessary to know that to prevent these defects it is necessary to program the stops for the repair. This provides greater security, keeps assets in better condition, increases productivity and minimizes costs, thereby reducing production losses and optimizing company resources.

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