Tips for selecting the best front wheel loader.

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The correct selection of machinery that fits the needs of your work environment implies the establishment of a vehicle size, the appropriate selection of tools or attachments, a control of fuel consumption, considering wear parts, etc. Due to this, in the following article we suggest some tips to acquire the best front tire loader.

1.-Calculate the size of the vehicle.

The first step to acquire or rent a front wheel loader will be to determine the technical specifications of the vehicle that best suit your tasks, for this it will be necessary to calculate the operating weight of the vehicle, its lifting capacities and additional specifications for this, consider the following recommendations:

-Establish the average amount of material mobilized per day, you can use units of volume, weight or, if possible, the density of the material on which you will work.

-Based on the volumetric capacity and weight tolerated by the loading trucks, calculate the number of passes that the loader service bucket must make to completely fill the truck. For this analysis, consider the maximum volume and weight tolerated by the tool.

-Analyze whether in conventional work the front loader must be accompanied by other machines such as excavators or bulldozers to effectively mobilize conventional work and analyze its capabilities

-It takes into account the maximum weight that the front loader could lift or deposit with a standard configuration and the maximum with modifications to the counterweight.

2.-Define the arm configuration that best suits your work.

Front loader manufacturers offer boom configurations of at least two types:

– “Z Bar” The appeal of this configuration is centered on a higher digging force by up to 20% compared to the parallel arm or tool holder.

-Tool holder or parallel arm, it is designed to obtain visual improvements from the operating cabin and its main benefit is obtained by staying horizontal or at ground level throughout the entire journey.


The front loader counterweight improves the lifting capacity of the material, is associated with an improvement in traction and benefits the stability of the vehicle under severe loads. Before purchasing a wheel loader, consider whether it is equipped with a counterweight that partially modifies the vehicle’s specifications compared to a standard model or without a counterweight. Most experienced buyers consider purchasing counterweights that suit their work environment.

4.-Fuel consumption

The highest operating cost of a combustion engine vehicle is absorbed by the fuel consumption per hour. Before choosing a wheel loader, check the data associated with fuel consumption per hour, this information can be consulted with the manufacturer, which divides the tasks into high, medium or low load factors. If there is more than one front loader to choose from, it distinguishes the hourly fuel consumption and fuel saving modes or technologies.


Tires on a front loader often require constant replacement due to premature wear and tear. Before acquiring a vehicle, consider the smooth driving systems, the type of steering and the tire that will adapt to the vehicle according to its working environment to avoid excessive expenses in these elements.

Other factors that are also very important are the improvement systems in the operator’s visibility, comfort, ease of service, coupling of tools, among others.

All of these factors that we mention together are very useful and can help you choose the correct machine for your work environment.

In any case, the best recommendation we can give you is that when choosing a team, is that you always consult a specialist, in Allparts we can advise you


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