Know everything about Dumpers, the specific machinery for loads.

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Dumpers are an indispensable part of construction machinery and that we can see in countless large-scale works. It is a self-propelled vehicle that circulates on large wheels, has an open box and is a very robust vehicle. In the following article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this heavy machinery equipment and why it is essential for your construction work.

Due to its size and robustness, it is specifically designed for the transport of large volumes of cargo, whether it is mainly earth or rock. Although it may resemble a dump truck, this class of machinery has the engine, frame and cargo box designed together, forming a single unit. It has the power to overcome steep slopes and the load receives it thanks to external means. Within the different classes of dumpers we can talk about those that are specifically designed for rock loading. The shape of its box is trapezoidal, it has four axes, its movement is limited to within the work area and they are optimal for loading loose and heavy materials.

What kind of dump trucks are there?

Do not confuse the dump truck with the dump truck. In the latter, the engine, frame and cargo box are designed together, so that they form a single complete unit. In the vast majority of models, the load capacity is 180 tons. In addition, these types of vehicles can be used in mining work because they are capable of overcoming large slopes.

Earthmoving: earthmoving dumpers are characterized by being robust units with great power. They are able to cope with long duty cycles. As their name suggests, they are suitable trucks for carrying out large earthworks.

Of stones: in this case the trucks are used to transport loose materials that are very heavy. With a total of four axles, these vehicles do not circulate on the road, but their radius of action is limited to the work area.

Articulated: there is also the articulated hauler, which has two independent and articulated parts. The front is the tractor and the rear is the cargo. The main advantage it offers is its maneuvering power.

Small size: and finally, the small size dumper, also known as a mini-dumper. It is a cargo box that has an axle with wheels and that is coupled to a small loader.

Particular Recommendations.

If you have or planning to acquire one of these heavy machinery, here are some recommendations that we give you for its use:

1.Only control the machine from the driver’s seat.

2.Don’t allow the presence of workers or third parties in the radius of action of the machine.

3.Don’t allow the transport of people outside the activity.

4.Don’t get on or off with the Dump Truck in motion.

5.While driving, always use a restraint system (cabin, seat belt or similar).

6.In case of poor visibility, you must have the help of a signalman.

7.When restarting an activity after heavy rains, keep in mind that terrain conditions may have changed.

8.Check the operation of the brakes.

9.In operations in areas close to electric cables, it is necessary to verify their tension to identify the minimum working distance.

10.Stop work if visibility drops below safe limits (rain, fog, …) until conditions improve.

When driving a vehicle of this type, the associated risks and applying the appropriate prevention measures are essential. To buy Caterpillar machinery spare parts, in AllParts you will find exactly what you need. We are a company specialized in the maintenance, repair and sale of spare parts for machinery.


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