Heavy machinery used in mining.

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An essential indicator in heavy mining equipment is that they achieve the lowest cost per ton moved, following high safety standards. That is why manufacturers have been developing continuous improvements in their equipment to provide more and more productivity and efficiency in operating costs.

In the same way, it seeks to have superior control capabilities and comfort for the operator, with high safety standards, attributes highly valued by mining clients.

In this sense, technology is advancing at an impressive speed and, as such, it is expanding into different markets. The mining sector isn’t  the exception and the companies supplying the sector are not far behind. The heavy machinery market offers cranes, excavators, trucks, among others.

Focusing on availability, reliability and productivity, the world’s largest heavy machinery, the Caterpillars, feature technologies such as the VIMS (Vital Information Management System), with key information on the health and operation of the truck, and the ElectronicTechnician system. (ET), whose indicators contribute to maintenance management.

Another equipment that we can mention is the electric shovels, which stand out for their information systems, which allow access in real time, via the Internet or via cellular signal, to reports on the health of the shovels and how they are being operated.

Below we will name some of the most used heavy machinery equipment in the mining sector:

  1. Low profile charger.

This machinery is characterized by its engine with ventilation reduction technology, its high torque, low oil consumption and the synchronized powertrain that allows you to obtain the best gear and speed.

2.Electric rope shovel

It’s currently the ideal equipment for copper mining in the world, with more than 20 meters high and an operating weight that exceeds 1,300 tons, it allows moving an average of 140,000 tons every day.

Among its characteristics, the hydracrowd system stands out, which increases the availability of the equipment by eliminating the need to change the push and pull cables. It also has information systems that allow the monitoring of operations and the correct performance of each shovel.

3.Electric truck

This machine allows you to load all kinds of mining materials. It has a volumetric capacity of 234 cubic meters and a turning radius of 15.9 millimeters.

4.Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator

This machine is able to reuse the energy of its own movements. It is the fastest and most powerful of the 400-ton trucks, having a Caterpillar engine with 4,000 HP of power.

  1. Cat truck

The CAT 797F truck has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, as it has a payload of 400 tons and works with a maximum power of 4,000 HP, thanks to its powerful CAT C175-20 engine. This model stands out for its efficient fuel consumption, especially on descents. In addition, it is prepared for the most difficult operations, with a maximum load speed of 67.6 km / h.

In terms of safety, it has the best brakes and a traction system on the market that minimize slippage and maximize operator confidence and, therefore, productivity.

Of all the machinery that you have known in this article, is there a specific one that has captured your interest?

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