Regular maintenance tasks for agricultural tractors.

As you should know, giving your agricultural tractor a good maintenance on a regular basis is a task that you cannot ignore. After all, obtaining the best performance from your work team is necessary for your company to have a higher production and obtain better economic results.

 Farm tractor maintenance is generally based on the number of hours of work you put into the machine. At Allparts Inc we give you some basic recommendations that can help you with the care of your equipment. All you have to do is follow nexts steps

1.Evaluate and change the oil.

Generally, when it comes to new tractors, we can work up to 100 hours before having to change the oil. From that point on, the change occurs every 300 hours (ie at 400, 700, 1200, etc.). However, regardless of working hours, you should always change most fluids and filters at least once a year (with the exception of the coolant).

Warm up the engine and operate the hydraulic system briefly to encourage drainage. Don’t forget to place a container large enough to hold all the engine oil under the tractor.

Take the time to verify the purity of the oil and that it is not contaminated by water or other substances such as diesel. Similarly, examine it carefully and closely for metal fragments.

If found, this could indicate overuse of the engine’s moving parts, which implies possible failures. If oil and hydraulic filters are in reservoirs, remove them and try to illuminate them safely to detect small metal filings.

Consider possibilities like an oil scan or sampling program to regularly check fluid quality and anticipate any problems. If you don’t know where to find these types of inspections, your supplier or mechanic can point you to a good place to obtain that service.

It is this check that can determine the type of metal fragments that appear in your vehicle’s oil and find the possible source of the problem. When performing maintenance on a tractor, it is always a good idea to take an oil sample and have it examined. Those tests are not very expensive and allow you to identify any contaminants.

When changing the oil, you should always replace the filters of the system to intervene, which brings us to the next point.

  1. Change the filters

Preventive maintenance on your farm tractor is proven to improve its power considerably, and changing the fuel and air filters is an important part of the process.

Always following the instruction manual of the equipment, open, empty and clean the oil container under the filter and then fill it. This is also the time to clean and replace any possible pre-filters on the machine.

On the other hand, when changing the fuel filter, start by blocking or closing the fuel line. You must remain ready to receive from it the gasoline residues that go to or come from the filter. Lastly, don’t forget to reconnect the fuel line before reopening the tank.

3.Check the coolant

Whether you have a tractor that doesn’t get very heavy use or you work on it a lot, you should change the coolant at least once a year. Also, whatever the case, it is highly recommended to do a seasonal evaluation of water-based coolants with a hydrometer.

To do this, you must wait for the tractor engine to cool down. Next, check the inside of the filter and look for any debris that requires cleaning the entire system. If you find no impurities, insert the hydrometer mouthpiece, squeeze the rubber bulb and release it to get the measurement.

  1. Check the battery

Whether your tractor does not have regular use or you work with it every day, it is important to maintain your equipment battery at least twice a year. Otherwise, you will start to notice problems in the vehicle’s performance. You start by inspecting and cleaning the terminals, then measure the voltage levels. If charge levels are low, replace the battery.

Now you know some important considerations for the preventive maintenance of a tractor in order to keep it in good condition. Remember that it is always advisable to obtain the advice of a professional. Without a doubt, you will get better performance and a longer service life.

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