Why should you buy a skid steer loader?

When deciding which new machine to add to your fleet, you will find a wide variety of alternatives, each with its advantages and disadvantages. With their great durability and efficient use of fuel, skid steers should be among your top choices. Don’t be fooled by its compact size, as the benefits they offer are enormous.

Therefore, in the following article we explain what a skid steer loader is and the main features that make it a great option for any job site.

What is a skid steer?

Generally, these equipment are defined as wheel loaders or tracks of compact size and with 70 horse power on average. They all have a bucket, whose load capacity may vary according to the make and model. Typically, you will find options between 0.45 and 0.55 m3.

On the other hand, one of the main characteristics of the skid steer loader is that it has two different styles: skid steer loaders and skid steer loaders. Skid steer loaders are in higher demand for lower cost of ownership and maintenance than skid steer loaders. However, in recent years the market for crawler loaders has been increasing since in certain applications it is advisable to use this version and not the one with wheels.

Due to their small size and type of turn, skid steers are usually used on construction sites where there is not much space to maneuver, on the other hand, these equipment usually have an operating weight below four tons, which makes it safe to operate inside of buildings.

Despite being a small team, it is not limited by use in larger works; since skid steers are also used to carry out minor jobs that heavy equipment cannot do, either due to their high operating cost or due to the size of the equipment.

Operating costs in skid steer loaders are usually lower than in any other machinery, this is because they use low displacement engines that consume little fuel, in addition to using a small amount of engine oil and the transmission system is hydrostatic, that is that is, they move with hydraulic oil. It’s also because they have traditional brakes, so you don’t need to change brake pads or discs frequently.

One of the main consumables in a skid steer loader are the tires, as they are a counter-rotating equipment, the tires tend to pivot on the ground, making wear a little more accelerated if working on asphalt or concrete. The average life of a standard quality tires (such as those that come from the factory) and operating under normal conditions is usually 500 to 600 hours maximum, this detail is important to consider.

As well as wheels, gasoline is another variable that can wear out quickly in any vehicle. However, that’s not a problem for a front loader. These have a smaller engine, which is why they tend to consume less fuel.

Visibility is an important factor to consider in a skid steer loader but it is not always taken into account, good visibility reduces risks in operation and helps prevent any accident.

From the front, all skid steers can offer good visibility, however this is not always the case with side and rear visibility. At this point, you should consider a skid steer that offers a good solution, the ones with a low profile arm that allows the operator to see the edge of the skid steer tires.

For the rear, it is important to have a wide angle rear view mirror inside the cabin, and as an option you can order it with a reversing camera, this last accessory further reduces the risks of accidents. In construction.

Safety is another of the main characteristics of a skid steer loader, these teams usually have various locking systems to prevent any accident. On the other hand, the cabs usually have FOPS / ROPS certifications, that is, these cabs protect the operator in the event of a tipping or impact of an object.

Now you know what a skid steer loader is and what it is for. Considering all its capabilities, this could be the best tool for your projects.

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