Quick guide to buying a new farm tractor.

Buying new farm machinery is not a decision to be made lightly. The correct choice of this equipment will help you to improve the result of your farm work, increase the mechanical availability of the equipment and reduce your operating costs. So whether you have a general idea of ​​the tractor you require or are not sure what you are looking for, we can give you a hand.

Through the following article, Allparts Inc offers you a quick guide that will show you some points to consider, so you can choose the agricultural tractor that best suits your needs.

Important considerations.

Before starting the search for the most suitable tractor, it is important that you identify what your main needs are, such as: What jobs do you need to do with the tractor? What implements will the team work with? What are the conditions of the terrain where it will operate? Is it for private use and / or to provide service?

To help you, below we describe in a simple way the points that will influence your purchase:

There are different brands of tractors on the market, however, it is necessary to differentiate between those that only sell one machine and those that sell a product with added value. Caterpillar is a leading company in the sale of agricultural machinery worldwide and is characterized by manufacturing reliable equipment that allows you to achieve better performance, longer uptime and lower operating costs.

A very important aspect is to consider that behind a good brand, there must always be a solid company that represents it. This should give you the guarantee that, after 1 year, 5 years or 10 years, will remain present to answer your questions with a team of professionals qualified by the same factory.

In that sense, we meet this expectation since we have years of experience and we provide you with comprehensive solutions with the sale of different types of cat tractors, spare parts and services.

Many times we are tempted by offers that we find in the market, but we must remember that the purchase of agricultural machinery is an investment, but not an expense. You should always opt for agricultural tractor brands and dealers that give you peace of mind and security. Only then can you be sure of achieving the goals you set for yourself when buying the equipment.

Identify the tasks you need the tractor to perform. This is a multipurpose machine, which can be used throughout the entire crop cycle: during land preparation, sowing, crop maintenance, phytosanitary application and harvest.

It is important to know which is the heaviest work that the tractor is going to carry out and with which implement it is going to work, this will give you an idea of ​​the power that the machine will require.

There are cases in which, due to its application, a standard tractor is not exactly suited to the job you want to do and the size of the vehicle becomes a very important feature for your work. For these cases, it is possible to opt for specialized tractors that can be narrow, high clearance and low profile.

It is not the same to buy a tractor to use it for 6 or 20 hours a day. That varies depending on the area and the time the farmer has to do a certain job. However, what both types of producers require is high availability of the equipment and that it never fails when they need it most.

To have this high availability, it is necessary to check that the main systems that make up the tractor are good, that is, that the vehicle must have a good engine, a good transmission and a good hydraulic system that guarantee and provide peace of mind that the equipment it will be available when you need it most.

Keep each of these considerations in mind when reviewing the different types of farm tractors. So the decision you make will be better suited to the particular needs of your company.

At Allparts Inc we offer you the widest variety of equipment on the market. If you need agricultural machinery, construction, mining, for road work and energy solutions; then we have what you are looking for. Contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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