Advices for purchases of heavy machinery equipment.

Parts Conexión Intermedia por medio de su plataforma web proveedores y compradores de equipos y repuestos de maquinaria amarilla en el mundo. Nuestros 15 años de experiencia y conocimiento del sector nos ha reinventado en nuevas propuestas tecnológicas para el negocio al alcance de todos los grupos de interés de la industria de los equipos de maquinaria amarilla. Con clientes en todo el mundo Parts Conexión se convierte en una herramienta funcional para cualquier empresa que requiera rápidamente suplir un repuesto o equipo para el normal funcionamiento de su flota de maquinaria amarilla.

Buying parts for heavy machinery is very similar to buying used parts for a car. Obviously, the shopping experience will be positive or negative in relation to the supplier to which it’s addressed.

At All Parts, all heavy machinery parts are inspected and tested according to very strict quality protocols. Fortunately, our Caterpillar, John Deere and Komatsu brands have high standards of reliability. Therefore, the satisfaction margins of our clients are clearly aligned with our objectives.

If it is the first time that you are going to buy a piece, be it new or used; Or if you are curious to know what to consider when making a purchase of heavy machinery equipment parts then you are in the right place. In the following, we will provide you with interesting tips to make your shopping experience the best.

Technical information on components. 

Before buying, it is necessary to know the operating hours of the machine to understand the possible wear of the spare part. You also have to see all the images available if you decide to make an online purchase.

We provide all the technical information about the machine, from working hours to technical reports.

Checking the spare parts most subject to wear.

The evaluation of many components can be done through images of the parts. For example, take a photo of the tires … But what to look for in the photo?

1.Chassis and bodies

First of all, check that the tires have not been rebuilt. Unfortunately, this verification is not easy to do through an image. But here we reveal a little trick: rebuilt tires have a line around the entire tire ring. However, from the images, it is very easy to identify the cuts. Cut tires are obviously dangerous to operator and vehicle safety. Besides being totally ineffective.

Even undercarriage evaluation can be done using image analysis. In fact, if, for example, the teeth of an excavator sprocket are very sharp, it means that they are worn.

Also, if wear is observed on the sprockets, it is very likely that the bearing of the links is also worn. Finally, if wear is visible on the end of a bushing, this is a sign that the lower rollers may be worn and are rubbing the bushing.

2.Work team

Other spare parts that can be easily evaluated through the images are the scoops / scoops and blades, the wear of which is visible to the less experienced eye.


The tubes can also be verified based on their external conditions. It is important to ensure that there is no corrosion. And if this does not give the certainty that there are leaks, it is important to know that at All Parts we take care of checking in advance if there are leaks, or any failure in any of our used parts.

As additional advice we can tell you that it is important that you review the rating that your sellers have. Although you think that it is not a determining factor in the quality of the parts or equipment that you acquire, they certainly do influence. Since, the positive or negative score that customers leave, is proportional to their satisfaction with respect to the shopping experience.

Following these tips and checking the status of the part to buy does not make you a professional, but at least it is a starting point.

To make buying recycled parts less risky, turn to industry professionals as All Parts. Our technical department inspects and verifies each part both at the time of disassembly and when it is sent to the customer.

At All Parts we are leaders in the sale of used and original spare parts for heavy machinery equipment, be it earthmoving, mining, construction, among others.


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